Parfrey’s Glen


Submitted by Randy Winkelman

This is a must on your list of places close to home to visit. Parfrey’s Glen is located near Devils Lake State Park. Parfrey’s Glen has changed drastically the last few years because of powerful floods.

At its uppermost part, the gorge reaches a depth of nearly 100 feet and has the feeling of a mountain-type stream running along its floor. As you hike the trails, make sure to observe the many rare plants in this area. Don’t forget to take a camera along for some truly great pictures. Parfrey’s Glen is worth a couple of trips each year as the changing seasons give the Glen a different look and feel.

Entertain yourself on one of the tree swinging vines along the path, it’s addictive and if you give the vine a try, others standing by will also give it a shot! Dogs are welcome on leash, but again, be sensitive to the numerous rare plants. This is a great day trip with stops at the Merrimac Ferry, Wollersheim winery, Sky High Orchard and Devils Lake State Park. You can find Parfrey’s Glen listed on the Devils Lake State Park web page. Go to the maps and trails section and you will find info on Parfrey’s Glen. Enjoy the picture of me swinging on the vine at Parfrey’s Glen.

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