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In Pursuit of Wellness

Submitted by Beth Dibbert When you think about health care, what comes to mind? For some, it’s a pursuit of wellness connecting mind, body, and spirit. For others, health care is like a car’s transmission – you don’t really notice or appreciate it until it’s making a noise, or completely broken. People in the middle… Continue Reading

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Badger 500 State Trail

Submitted by Randy Winkelman This past October offered up a sunny, warm October day great for a fall bike ride. I decided to load my bike up and make the short ride to Belleville and ride the Badger 500 trail south from Belleville. This trail travels all the way to the Illinois state line. I… Continue Reading

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There are lots of words in the English language that stand out, are more powerful than most, or strike a strong reaction inside of us.  “Change” is one of the biggest.If it weren’t for change you probably wouldn’t be reading this column because change, in this case a relationship breakup, pointed you in the direction of… Continue Reading

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Local Smelt Fry

Growing up I remember my Dad and some friends heading to Port Washington for the annual smelt run. On a successful night, they would bring bucket loads of fresh smelt from the chilly Lake Michigan waters. The next morning, we spent hours cleaning these tasting little fish knowing that meant another spectacular smelt fry! As… Continue Reading

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One Response to Oh, The Places You’ll Go

  1. I love this article, it has been many years since I have read that book, it is so simple but says so much. Thank you for this and to Alyssa for giving the book

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Wingra Creek

Submitted by Randy Winkelman What is the official sign that spring has arrived in Madison? Look no further than the Wingra Creek dam! Every spring, a crowd of observers gather at the Wingra Creek to watch Muskies attempt to jump the dam where the creek exits Lake Wingra. I myself enjoy watching the spectacle, and… Continue Reading

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  1. Thanks for this Randy, I lived a few blocks from here when I was young and the dam was completely different than it now is. I love to go over in the spring too, I wonder where the fish are when you are trying to catch them.

  2. Mike. Its a great place to enjoy in spring and the rest of the year too!! I started ice fishing wingra creek 30 years ago when I knew very little about ice fishing. Back then I caught some nice fish. I haven’t ice fished there in 15 years. I guess I should give it a try for old times sake!!

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Take a Cup of Kindness

Once again we sit on the threshold of a new year while we bid adieu to the last.  For most of us the transition from one year to the next will pass by unnoticed and uneventful. However some will hear the tolling of the bell as a time to reflect on and celebrate all of… Continue Reading

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I’m Movin’ On

To My Ex – I’m Movin’ On Submitted by M. Krause – Rebuilding Graduate It was hard at first; the day I left I cried. But I didn’t miss your hateful glares and I didn’t miss your anger. I didn’t miss your snide remarks or your awful screaming. I didn’t miss your put downs, your… Continue Reading

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