Back in the Saddle Again.

Well it has been a long time since I have sat here to put thoughts into bits and bytes. I have learned that blogging is a challenging job that doesn’t fit easily into my already full life. But, I hope my excuse is a good one. I have been busy writing the workbook for the Dating Dementia class and it was a mind sucking, sleep robbing task. But now it is in the hands of my editor Wendy Eidman and she will work her magic with each page. I know very well that it may come back to me but at least it is out of my hands and head for a moment.

As I was trying to put this blog up I realized within seconds of finger to key that I had managed to delete all my previous blogs. There was that sick feeling deep down, that softly uttered “oops” followed by words I won’t print. So, I tip my hat to Dan, my webmaster, for pulling them from the depths and shadows of my computer’s memory to allow them once again to fill the pages of “The Puffins Pundit.” So for now, it’s back in the saddle again.

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