Fake It ‘Till You Make It

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If you happened to see my November John’s Corner you know that if you’re a sports fan at all one of the ways to keep your mind off the pain of losing your relationship is to join the Badger/Packer Bandwagon as it looked like it was rolling along. Little did I know it would move up to warp speed with the Badger VB team and the BB team both ranked #2 in the nation,
the Women’s Hockey team # 3, and the Packers looking like a Super Bowl possibility. The Golden Year? Maybe!

Coming upon us is the Holidays; Xmas and New Year’s. These are usually the toughest.  So many memories. What to do about presents, should I send a Xmas card to my ex-in-laws? What do I do with the free time I have off? I’m supposed to be happy on the Holidays but I’m not. I hate arguing about who will have the kids and what days. It can be a real tough time instead of a “Happy Holiday.”

There isn’t any single answer to this but you can fight back. The first thing is get out of bed! Staying in bed can lead to depression and a sense of “giving up.” After your up engage in some physical activity whether it be some basic exercises or yoga in the living room, a walk, or heading to the fitness center. Watch your alcohol intake. Alcohol is a depressant and it may raise your spirits for a while, then reverse itself when you wake up in the morning; you will pay for your abuse. One of the most important is to keep in touch. Call your friends. If you are in Genesis use the Contact List. Don’t be afraid to call someone and ask them to meet you for coffee or some event. And finally, plan ahead. Fill your day as much as possible with things to do. Avoid laying around the house or apartment feeling sorry for yourself. Use your imagination to its fullest.  Don’t let the Holidays defeat you.

One more thing. On Tuesday December 23 and Tuesday December 30 the Genesis Support Group will be open to anyone who wants to come regardless of which of our groups you are currently attending. So hang your head high even if it doesn’t feel good up there. It will, give it time. An old AA saying comes to mind here, “fake it till you make it.”

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