Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to my blog!

I am Margaret Lambert, a psychotherapist and one of the owners of SONAS BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, a clinic that serves individuals through counseling and psychological services in Madison, Wisconsin. I am new to the web but have come to realize that the way to connect with people is to go to the places where they reside. This venue is obviously one such place. I have developed Puffins Presentations in an effort to help individuals like you begin to address some of the issues related to relationships-family, social, or business. And I am writing this blog as a means of providing people with what I refer to as brain munchies- those thought-provoking tidbits of information that give you something to chew on throughout the day. It is not my intent to project my thoughts or opinions on anyone; I only want to open the door for more thought and study for the reader. I don’t expect you to agree with me; in fact, I may, at times, write things to challenge you. Often one way to really discover what you truly value or believe is to hear something in opposition to that value or belief.

You will note that the comment option of this blog is not available. Graduates of my class, “Avoiding Dating Dementia the Next Time Around” can discuss these ideas in my private online forum. The purpose of the private message board is to allow “Dating Dementia” graduates to further connect with others who have taken the class. “Dating Dementia” is a new community for singles to connect through common information, new insights related to relationships, and similar interests. If you are new to Puffins Presentations, I invite you to browse through the site, read my blogs, and stop back from time to time to see what’s new or even consider attending one of the Dating Dementia classes.

“Avoiding Dating Dementia the Next Time Around” is the first of several classes that I have developed, but there are several other classes in the works. Please be sure to check back on occasion to see what else arises. If you are a graduate of a past class, it is nice to have the opportunity to connect with you again. Please poke around the password-protected portion of Puffins, as it was designed with you in mind as a way of saying thank you for the trust you placed in me while in my class.

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