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Newsletter-Randy Article-Dec 2014Submitted by Randy Winkelmen

Just like most of you, I too attended the divorce separated group meetings held at Bethel Lutheran Church. I began attending meetings back in April 2009, seems so very long ago. Many things changed in my life that year and I remember dreading lots of different things and mostly the thought of what my first Christmas, being single after many years would be like.

I found lots of things to occupy my time through volunteer work, mentoring in our public schools and mostly meeting new friends and experiencing many things/events for the first time. I stumbled across a great event which takes place at the Overture Hall a number of times each year. The events are free to the public and no tickets or reservations are needed. Generally, the sing a longs are about 1 hour in length. This year’s Holiday sing along is Saturday Dec 6th at 11:00AM.

I gathered some fellow friends I had met at the Bethel group and together we went to our first community sing along that December in 2009. The December sing along has a Holiday theme and the songs generally are traditional holiday favorites everybody knows. It was lots of fun to hear young and old enjoy singing these classic songs in the large Overture Concert Hall to the sound of the Overture centers concert organ. It is a great event to take kids, grand kids, elderly parents, etc.

Afterwards, we walked State Street, enjoyed the holiday decorations and finally found a nice shop to grab a cup of coffee and just sit, talk and have a great time. It was a time to start new friendships and traditions that still continue today. Consider finding some time to enjoy a great community event, a chance to enjoy the Overture Center at a price everyone can afford!!

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