I’m Movin’ On

To My Ex – I’m Movin’ On

Submitted by M. Krause – Rebuilding Graduate

It was hard at first; the day I left I cried.
But I didn’t miss your hateful glares and I didn’t miss your anger.
I didn’t miss your snide remarks or your awful screaming.
I didn’t miss your put downs, your gossip and your lies,
I didn’t miss the yelling and the rolling of your eyes,
I’m Movin’ On

The pain it seemed would never end
The days and weeks were dark.
The tears they came when least expected
But they washed away the hurtful things
And I’m now soaring high on eagle’s wings,
I’m Movin’ On

It’s still hard sometimes to be alone
Some days drag on forever,
But my life gets better every day,
I’ve now found others just like me
And I know my friends can clearly see,
I’m Movin’ On

I’ve learned to forgive but not forget
And hope you’ve done the same,
Life is too short to hold a grudge
There is so much of it left I want to live
And to you there is nothing left to give,
I’m Movin’ On

I’m Movin’ On to a whole new world
Like my life is all brand new.
It’s a choice I did not want to make
But I’m Movin’ On to a better place
With peace and happiness and grace,
I’m Movin’ On

I hope you are too

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