Spring- the eternal reminder of hope renewed

Newsletter-spring flowersSpring has finally arrived here in Wisconsin. Winter only visits us five months out of the year yet it can seem like eternity; especially as we get closer to the month of April and  patches of that white stuff still hide in the shadows. However, once a 40 degree day presents itself we cast off the boots, heavy coats and scarves and race out to catch the first rays of warm sunlight, even if just briefly.

Spring and Easter are a time of renewal; a reminder that what we thought was dead is just being transformed. My garden is a wonderful example of that. All the flowers that seemed to have died under the heavy blanket of snow begin to poke through the crusted earth to reach for those first rays of warm sunlight. Unlike us, the flowers do not doubt that the dark, cold winter days will pass. They patiently wait in stillness for their time to come again when they can rise out of the gloominess to experience their purpose again.

Our lives are much like the changing seasons. Things are constantly in flux. We have our warm sunlit days and our gloomy days. We will experience wonder and awe just as we do when the first snow visits us once again. We will be disappointed just as when the forecast says warm and sunny but the clouds appear and drop a thunderstorm upon us. We will be delighted when the rainbow appears to remind us that the sun will come again or we awake to a new day that breaks the darkness with bright sunshine. Nothing stays the same; nothing is forever. Remember that time passes and we will get through even the darkest days. Something bright and exciting will appear on the horizon if we are just patient and let time take care of our disbelief. Something or someone will appear to distract us and show us a new and sunnier path. We need to be patient, we need to be open and we need to know that there comes a time when we need to let go of believing that life will always be this way. We need to have hope that time allows us an opportunity to be renewed again. And as this song reminds us, Keep your head up, things are going to turn our fine.

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