Anyone can be confronted with problems in their lives that they feel unable to correct or find answers for. Becoming informed can help in preventing, repairing and recovering from relationship problems. Education is powerful! Taking time to learn healthy relationship skills can be one of the best investments you can make for yourself, your family and your community.

Through Puffins Presentations, Margaret offers a variety of classes, as well as individual and couples therapy sessions designed to help individuals and couples find solutions to relationship problems.

Currently offered relationship related groups, classes, seminars and workshops.

  • Dating Dementia: Putting Your Brain Back in the Dating Game.  This ten week course is designed to help men and women prepare for and negotiate the complex dating world.
  • Rebuilding at Bethel: A three part series for individuals who are currently going through a separation or divorce.
  • Women’s Self-Esteem and Relationships:  A ten week course designed to help women build a healthier self-esteem. This course teaches both concepts and tools, which together help create the necessary skills needed to make more conscious choices when searching for and developing healthier relationships.
  • Quest: A Man’s Personal Journey to Regain Self-Esteem: A ten week course designed to help men explore the underlying foundation of healthy self-esteem, to support and encourage their strengths, and help accomplish their goals.
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